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Cities: Skylines

Cities: city skylines in the construction and management of a simulator, and have the opportunity to make your city. SimCity resignation in the aftermath of 2013, the game is to take some fresh air into the genre. On its big game, it's completely open to mods created from the community, you can do pretty much if they always want the simulator.

Mods, Mods, Mods

First you start Cities: Skylines, one can imagine that it's infectious infusion older SimCity games. But with a little perseveranceThat developers have not only learned from their predecessors but also add their ideas and innovations.

First of all, start with the city: you micro your city skylines by fast. You can create specific rules for each neighborhood - for example, the law enforcement of drugs and the police will be removed from the district!

To think that something is missing, you can either create your mod, or the large number of sheets already created by other players. As of this writing, there are more than 35,000 community design modsIf skate parks improve special buildings, transport KI, and from the first person. A mud even mod create a helicopter so you can fly around your city! Cities modding said virtually endless SkylinesSie.

Build your dream city

Cities: Skylines SimCity really looks after some of the criticisms. It is clear that the size city - Maxis' is more than five times larger than the last generation. In addition, play, and there is access to a full-featured editor.

Districts and inThe fact that the metropolitan Mods cities: what you create city skylines the tools you need is accurate.

Cities: Skylines good new, so you do not have a supercomputer good-chore game. The images are not quite so flashy SimCity, but still looking for a good game, even if you are zooming close to your creation. The interface is intuitive, especially if you have played similar games, CitiesXL or as SimCity.

StadtSIM've been waiting

To support something completely unique in the fieldTo pick up the game.

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